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What is ABA in Athens Texas?

Here's a breakdown comparing ABA therapy and speech therapy and our services in Athens Texas 


  • Speech Therapy: Targets communication and swallowing difficulties. This includes:

    • Speech sound production (articulation)

    • Language skills (understanding and using language)

    • Fluency (stuttering)

    • Voice issues

  • ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis): Focuses on a broader range of behaviors and skills. It can address:

    • Communication skills (can overlap with speech therapy)

    • Social skills (interaction, play)

    • Learning skills (academic performance)

    • Behavior management (reducing challenging behaviors)


  • Speech Therapy: Uses a variety of techniques based on the child's needs. This may involve:

    • Practicing specific sounds

    • Using visual aids for language comprehension

    • Play-based activities to encourage communication

  • ABA Therapy: Uses principles of behavior analysis to understand and modify behavior. It emphasizes:

    • Positive reinforcement for desired behaviors

    • Developing strategies to address challenging behaviors (e.g., tantrums)

    • Data collection and tracking progress

Who Benefits:

  • Speech Therapy: Children with:

    • Speech delays

    • Articulation problems

    • Language disorders

    • Fluency issues (stuttering)

    • Swallowing difficulties

  • ABA Therapy:

    • Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often benefit, particularly those with:

      • Significant communication or social challenges

    • Can also be helpful for children with:

      • Other developmental delays

      • Behavioral concerns

Overlap and Teamwork:

  • There can be overlap, especially when addressing communication skills in children with ASD.

  • Speech therapy and ABA therapy can be complementary in these cases.

    • Speech therapists may use some ABA principles (positive reinforcement).

    • ABA therapists may incorporate speech and language goals into their plans.

Choosing the Right Therapy:

The best course of treatment depends on the child's specific needs. A pediatrician or other healthcare professional can help you determine if speech therapy, ABA therapy, or a combination of both would be most beneficial for your child.

Why we are Natural Environment & Play-based

WHY WE CHOOSE A NATURAL ENVIRONMENT, PLAY-BASED MODEL: Not all ABA is created equal… we chose a home-like environment for TAG because we believe it reduces anxiety, makes learning more fluid, and better allows kids to be kids. The play-based model captures a child’s natural interests and utilizes child-led reinforcers to teach new skills and makes learning fun, while building relationships.

Research suggests that almost half of children receiving intensive ABA therapy will achieve typical intellectual and educational functioning and up to 90% show substantial improvement when coupled with early intervention.

TAG is committed to bringing more resources to east Texas families including our play-based ABA center in Nacogdoches, as well as support for parents and siblings, diagnostic resources and fostering community education and understanding. 


If you are interested in more information please reach out! We would love to hear from you! 

Call us at 936-681-0165 or reach out below.

Kids Playing Tug of War

Lets Play!

At TAG we believe that all children learn best through play. So we play A LOT! Reach out to set up a free consultation to see it in action! 

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