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What is ABA?

Early Intervention


Early intervention is crucial to success

We are convinced that parents are a child’s first and most important educator. The aim of TAG is to partner with and equip parents while we work TOGETHER to expedite their child’s developmental progress.

Each of our credentialed team members and therapists have specified training in behavior and childhood development along with a BIG heart for helping children of all abilities THRIVE!

Parent Training

By nature therapy is limited to blocks of time with teaching moments mostly planned in the context of a therapy center in advance – which is GREAT and very necessary!

However, life doesn’t often happen like this and parents encounter countless real-life spontaneous opportunities that pop-up each and every day – these are prime learning opportunities.

To help bridge this gap of irreplaceable professional therapy and REAL LIFE we provide high-quality play-based ABA therapy in tandem with parent training to help children make progress in the home, at school and especially at play!


Father and Son Playing
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